Monday, September 5, 2011


I hate my cell phone. Or I hate cell phone problems. Maybe both. A few months ago my phone stopped taking a charge. It was the first phone I bought "new" in probably 6 years. It was a year old or so, ancient in cell phone years. They go faster than Dog years. I usually just wait for a hand me down from my sisters' or someone. I spent a long time searching on E bay for a phone that would work for my plan, was NOT a smart phone because I don't/won't pay for data on my phone and was inexpensive cause I am cheap like that. I polled friends (well...April) to see if she thought it was a good one and finally decided to purchase my new-used phone.

I liked it! Bright red! Easy to work-I learned my way around it pretty easily. It was the first phone I have had that had a full keyboard. It took me a bit to get used to it but I was really pleased with my new-used phone!

Cayde really liked it too! One day he pretended it was a boat and set it out to sea in the toilet. (For the love of all things HOLY!!!!!) It was about a month old. (Several cell-phone-years old!) *Sigh*

So I went back to square one, searching ebay and sorting though the lame dealers who post tons of phones on ebay from a store to get you to sign up for a contract. We already have a contract! So I found another phone. I hate it. I have had it a couple of months now. It's a smart phone. (Or a really stupid phone.) Everyone else who looks at it agrees. I got a lot of 'Oh just let me look at it's" at first which turned to furrow brow looks and the smart/dumb phone was quickly returned to me.

I am really not the picky about phones. I am always happy with whatever hand me down phone I get. lol. This one has all sorts of weird/quirky/lame (choose your own adventure) features. So....I don't like it. (I also don't like that my mother leaves me mass quantities of voice mails.)

Tonight I was talking to my sister Terah:

Terah: Is something wrong with your phone?
Me: voice mail is full.....? So, yeah if you consider that as something wrong, there is.
Terah: Yeah, you're gonna need to fix that.
Me: Oh, yeah I don't plan to listen to them.
Terah: What? *laughing*
Me: Just text me.
Terah: Well I did just upgrade to unlimited texts.
Me: Excellent!! Problem solved!

Then at her house tonight:
Me: Can I use your phone to call Wayne? (I called and he did not pick up)

Terah: Call Jacob...see if he answers. he didn't answer me earlier when I called him after I called you.
Me: hmm. All of our phones were dead. Oh. Wait. Didn't I talk to you?
Terah: Yeah. you called me back...which is a rare occurrence.

Snarky I tell you! LOL

Anyway, I guess I am rebelling against the cell phone.

Also, Cayde is so lucky he is a beautiful child. Cause boy is he a trouble maker!

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CandaceLester480 said...

Drat you and your phone(s)! Seriously, I've tried calling like 4 times in the past week and I find myself saying (to myself) "why do I bother?" Sigh. I miss you. Anyway, text me sometime & so we can make it a point to get together in person.
♥ C.